CCGW pottery member, Heather Colbaugh, had a movie prop buyer come into the CCGW studio gallery and buy ALL her work for the Movie Prisoners! We sure are glad the movie industry is getting bigger in Atlanta šŸ™‚ They came in asking for some whimsical pottery and Heather’s work fit the bill. They bought her chicken planter, chicken plate, owl vase, Llama pot, piggy pot, fox plate, squirrel candle holder, pottery cupcakes, and a small bust of Frida Kahlo. Heather later found out that the Llama pot was everyone’s favorite on set. She continues to have fantasies that Hugh Jackman will be showing up to the studio any day now to purchase her latest design, the kitty cat pitcher. She is also working long days in the studio to get her work back into the gallery and continues to be thankful for that fateful day. Prisoners the movie comes out Sept 2013, don’t blink during the dream sequence!



One response to “Prisoners

  1. Heaven’s Heather you are famous! Congratulations to my talented artistic niece who deserves credit for her whimsical work!

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